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Join me on Monday mornings @ 10am for "Not Just Vinyasa" a weekly flow class offered by The Sanctuary In The City. I teach to whoever comes to class, which means this class is for all levels. This offering is free and for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) only.

On Wednesday evenings you will find me leading Slow Power Flow @ 5:30pm and then Deep Stretch @ 7pm. These classes are offered in collaboration with Let It Flow Yoga and are $7 each. The Slow Power Flow is NOT a beginner's class, to be clear. The Deep Stretch is for all levels.

Virtual Youth Yoga Classes

Our virtual live classes for youth are perfect for children who have a desire to practice yoga in the comfort of their home. The objective of the youth-centered classes is the same as any of our offerings: to help them cultivate more peace + love + ease.

Click below to see what virtual offerings are available for your child/children.

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