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Wellness is our birthright...

In 2018 I was asked to sit on the board of a nonprofit called The Sanctuary In the City.  Happily and without hesitation, I accepted.

The Sanctuary in the City is a black-led, woman-led organization founded with the awareness of the need for accessible, safe, and affirming healing spaces for Black Indigenous people of color.  Growing and healing from race-based trauma and stress through focus on the whole self, for all BIPOC, is the primary purpose of this organization.

Through community programming, grant funding and scholarships, The Sanctuary In The City focuses on equitable access to educational opportunities, access to wellness modalities, fair pay for Black wellness practitioners and educators, and community healing events. 

We are involved in ongoing fundraising efforts. Every donation is moving our work and intention forward. Donations can be sent through PayPal, CashApp and good old fashioned mailed checks. To receive our mailing address please send an email. As a 501c3 we are eligible for many employer matching programs and donations through Amazon Smile. We are so grateful for all that have given to us thus far. 

Click below to learn more about our efforts and donate.

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