The Adornment Experience

Adornment by definition means to embellish or enhance. When I think about my personal adornment rituals and how they have morphed into a very spiritual practice, I am deeply grateful.

My yoga practice is one of innerspace adornment and tailoring. The care I take in selecting my outer adornment is the same care I take when it comes to enhancing my innerspace.

When I am very deliberate in my practice of Adornment, I am most connected with myself, both my humanity and divinity. I operate in a way that is in alignment with peace, love, ease, and joy.

I am liberated and in my natural state of being.

This is the Adornment Experience.

Innerspace Tailoring

One -On-One Guidance

I love it when my students are able to apply what I teach them to real life and develop a strong personal practice they can come to outside of when we meet. As a yoga teacher, it is my responsibility to guide students in developing their personal practice, but I don’t want my students to need me in order to practice. I want to give them a solid foundation upon which they can lean and build upon on their own.

I want people to have their own practices in place so they can navigate life experiences in ways that are less harmful to themselves and others. I want people to be able to facilitate their own healing, foster a deeper connection with their bodies, and not necessarily need a yoga teacher to guide them through a movement practice. I want people to be free.


The ultimate goal of yoga is liberation. It is a path to achieving samadhi, bliss, joy, peace, ease, enlightenment.

Innerspace Tailoring is designed to give you tools to do just that.


This approach to private yoga lessons teaches yoga as a full way of life. Each session is 2 hours long = 1 hour of asana (movement & postures) + 1 hour of learning about yoga philosophy, how it applies to real life experiences, and how to put it into practice daily.

The cost per session is $200.

Eight Limbs

Develop a deeper understanding of the full practice of yoga, including the eight limbs. Use these to guide your practice.


Learn about the philosophy and ethics of yoga as a practice and  how to apply these teachings to real life experiences.


Develop a physical practice that honors your body's specific needs.  Learn the benefits of asanas and create your own flows.


Create a strong and sustainable yoga practice that includes the physical, meditative, and lifestyle teachings of yoga.

The aspiration of Innerspace Tailoring is to shift the way you view yourself and to give you the tools you need to tailor your innerspace by helping you facilitate healing from within. 

You will learn in depth about all eight limbs of the practice and how to apply its teachings to your real life experiences and interactions, as well as your relationship with yourself.


Students are required to commit to at least six months of weekly or biweekly 2-hour sessions. This gives us ample time to work together one-on-one to build a strong foundation for your practice.

There will be some personal assignments given throughout the process for independent study and self-exploration.

During this time, you will have created a sustainable yoga practice you can lean on and continue to develop for life.

Working from Home


I understand this is an investment of time, energy, and money, and dedicating oneself to a 6-month or longer learning/unlearning process is a major undertaking.

If you have questions regarding the process, schedule a FREE 30-minute chat with me.

I'd love to share what this practice has done and continues to do for me. And I'd love to answer your questions about Innerspace Tailoring.

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