writer | creative | innerspace tailor



with my 200-hour yoga teacher


i have been teaching others yoga for

five years.

my guidance on + off the mat is a blend of yogic philosophy, writing, and creative play.  by sharing a variety of traditional practices of movement, breath, and meditation with writing & creative expression, i believe the practice of yoga is a way of life and path to liberation of the mind, body, and soul.

as an innerspace tailor, i help clients style and adorn themselves from within by teaching them sustainable tools to facilitate their own healing. this ultimately leads to their liberation, and everyone's liberation, for we are all connected. the liberation of just one of our fellow humans moves us all closer to our own.


i do love sharing the practice of yoga with others... in addition, i love adorning myself in beautiful garments, creating sacred living & work spaces, cooking & eating delicious foods, practicing rest as rebellion, writing (i'm writing a short story & a book right now), spending time in the woods, embodying liberation, exploring my sexual freedom as it relates

to yoga and being a black woman,

and giving & receiving

tons of love.