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Peace, peace, peace...

My name is Tiya (pronounced Tee-yah) and I am a human being who identifies as a Black, queer woman. I am a born creator who loves writing, making art, and designing adornment pieces that incite feelings of joy, curiosity, intrigue, self-expression, and LIBERATION.


My creative practice is a blend of yogic philosophy, writing, and creative play.  It is my aspiration to share a variety of traditional practices of movement, breathwork, and meditation paired with writing & creative expression as a means to liberation of the mind, body, and soul.

As an innerspace stylist, I help folks style and adorn themselves from within by teaching them sustainable tools to facilitate their own healing through art + meditation. 


I do love sharing the practices of art & yoga with others... in addition, I love adorning myself in beautiful garments, creating sacred living & work spaces, cooking & eating delicious foods, practicing rest as rebellion, writing, spending time in the woods,  embodying liberation as it relates to being a queer Black woman,

and giving & receiving

tons of love.